History of our Atelier

My sister Luiza, and I, Julia, grew up in a family where all of the women would hand-make things. From early childhood, our grandma and mom made outfits for us. Mom sewed dressed and knitted woolen cardigans and sweaters. Grandma sewed our nighties and taught us traditional home-made bakery. She read us books and taught us cross-stitching. We would spend each summer in the Siberian countryside surrounded by endless forests full of flowers and cows and sheep grazing on meadows. 




About Us



Owner, Creator, Designer, Customer Service

When my mother and sister proposed the idea of making women’s clothing, I asked them not to hurry and to give me some time to think about it. A few months later, I had the idea of creating a clothing brand in the style of Little Women. We made our first dresses in Russia in June of 2018. Since then I have been developing the design of our clothes, selecting fabrics, and inspiring the team ideologically. Together with my sister, I have been working on the development of our content. 



Owner, Creator, Tailor

I am the mother of Julia and Luiza. I am happy to support the creative ideas of my girls, help them develop their business, and bring skills and experience to the clothing designs they create. The common cause of the atelier unites us all. Their father, brother, and husbands help with photoshoots, processing orders, website development, and business related decisions. Our family supports each other in a powerful way. We all become better together, and we are able to bring our best to the world. We work and create together in a world that is as inspired and courageous as in Little Women. 



Owner, Creator, Photographer

Sometimes photographer and sometimes model, I, along with my husband create content for our atelier in the lovely places of France. The atelier is the way I stay connected with my larger family who lives thousands of kilometers away in Russia. Creating content together with my creative advisor and sister Julia brings us closer. It is an amazing feeling to be wearing our aprons and puffed-sleeved linen clothes in everyday life. I am happy to be part of our dreamy team. 


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