History of our Atelier

My sister Luiza, and I, Julia, grew up in a family where all of the women would hand-make things. From early childhood, our grandma and mom made outfits for us. Mom sewed dresses and knitted woolen cardigans and sweaters. Grandma sewed our nighties and taught us traditional home-made bakery. She read us books and taught us cross-stitching. 


We would spend each summer in the Siberian countryside surrounded by endless forests full of flowers and cows and sheep grazing on meadows. All of this power in the women’s sphere and the beauty of nature influenced our perception of the world. When we grew up and became mothers, we started creating the same homey world full of needlework and domestic warmth for our daughters. We created hand-crafted toys, did embroidery, and took lovely photos. This is how we developed our aesthetics. After a few years, an idea of creating something bigger came to our family. 


Our source of inspiration is the lovely March sisters- Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy- from the novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Together with them we walked in the morning garden, bravely met the vicissitudes of fate, and shared simple happiness. Like the March sisters, we set to work together. 


This business has become truly dear to our family because we have invested all of our talents, our work, and our vision of beauty in it. We are happy that we can share our sustainable products with beautiful women around the world. 


However, our dresses are not just garments. They are a tradition passed from mother to daughter. The tradition to keep warm at home, have the courage to go your own way, to love and be loved, and always remain beautiful. In our dresses, the women who are in the rush and haste of the modern world are able to create a safe haven where there is always a place for the simple joys. 


We only buy certified natural fabrics from reliable sources. We choose rich, natural colors for our dresses that are reminiscent of the beauty found in nature. Before the process of making a dress, we wash the fabric without powders or soap. The procedure of sewing our items requires time and effort. Every item is individually cut and sewn with our hands. 


We produce all of our products in small batches, slowly and properly, with the warmth of our hands. Every stitch and touch is covered in love. 


When the dresses are ready, we carefully wrap them. Then we add in charming Little Women cards. Lastly, we send each one off to be cherished by their own special little woman. 


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With warm regards, 

Little Women Atelier family

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