Taxes and customs duties:


When a package ships internationally, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges are typically due once the package arrives in the destination country. 

Sellers are responsible for complying with the laws and regulations of the country of destination. Generally, the buyer is responsible for paying customs duties on receipt of the package. Currently we are not able and eligible for collection of the VAT. Therefore all taxes are paid by receiving person when goods arrive to the coutry of destination. 



On1 July 2021 the value added tax (VAT) exemption for the importation of goods not exceeding EUR 22 has been removed. As a result, all goods imported to the EU are subject to VAT.

Therefore in order to help you avoid of paying huge duties we send your packages as the private gift with the small nominal value.



LWA is responsible for all duties. US customers do not pay for anything related to the imported goods.



We do not collect GST. But we send the package with the nominal value within the limit in order to help you avoid of paying the customs duties

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