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  • Julia Owner, Designer, Heart of LWA

    The creative mind behind any item of LWA. The idea of our brand was born in Russia in June of 2018. Since then, I have been designing, selecting the fabrics, and inspiring the team ideologically. I work on content creation with my dear sister.

  • Tatiana Owner, Head of Product, Busy Bee

    I'm happy to support the creative ideas of my girls, help them develop their business, and bring their creations to life. Great things happen when we work together!

  • Luiza Owner, Creative Soul

    I create content for our atelier in the lovely places of France, and now in the beautiful Washington state. Also, I stand by our social media representation and website design. The atelier is my way home to my family who lives far away across thousands of miles.

  • Sardor Marketing Manager, Curator

    Julia's husband and helper Sardor. He supports us with all the administrative work and stands behind our website optimization.

  • Timur Expedition Manager, Designer

    Timur, our youngest sibling, will be handling the shipment of your garments. Also, he is the creative mind behind our Men's Collection.

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"LittleWomenAtelier" LLP


Kazybek Bi 50, Almaty 05000, Kazakhstan

"Little Women Atelier" LLP

Business ID: 604998424

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"Little Women Atelier" LLC,

UBI 605346083

*Our return address is in Washington state, this will help expedite the exchange or refund process. Please contact us before sending your return!

You can find all the information regarding returns or exchanges in our Return Policy on the webshop.